You should have seen me running
                                                                         The New Riders of the Purple Sage 


I don't know where it went wrong


But I've been looking for a song

            E                                        B7

That I lost - somewhere out on the way.


And it's been the worst of years


I just couldn't count the tears

           E                      B7              E

But I think I hear that melody in today.


So you shoulda seen me running


Running all the way.


Yeah you shouldn't seen me running


Coming here today.


Yeah you shouldn't seen me crying


Since you've been away.


So you shouldn't seen me trying yeah, yeah

                           E           B7

To get back here today.Yeah.


To get back here today.

Well I was happy for a while

And I always had a smile

On my face - to show that love we had.

But you thought you ought to go

And I thought you ought to know

That since you've been gone

I never had felt so bad.

And you shouldn't seen me running ...

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