Up against the wall redneck mother                                                                                                                  
by                                                                      The New Riders of the Purple Sage

               E                 A

He was born in Oklahoma

          B7                                             E

He´s wife´s name is Bettylou. Thelma leaves.


He´s not responsible for what he´s doing

                   B7                                 E

´Cause his mother made him what he is.

              E                                          A

And it´s up against the wall redneck mother

   B7                                               E

Mother who has raised her son so well

                        D7              A

He´s 34 and drinking in a Honky Tonk

         B7                                             E

Just kicking Hippies asses and raising hell.

               E                         A

Well he sure does like his Falstaff beer

                B7                                               E

Likes to chace it down with that wild turkey liquor

             E    E7           A

Drives a 1957 Jimmy pick-up truck

                  B7                                                           E

He´s gotta gun rack and a gogo for his need club to sticker


An it´s up against...

M is for the mudflaps you got me for my pick-up truck

O is for the oar I put on my hound

T is for T-Bird and H is for hen

E for Einstein´s theorie of relativity and R is for (Redneck Mother!)

Up against ...

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