MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT                                                                                                                  
by Peter Rowan                                                        Peter Rowan, Old and in the way,NRPS,Tish

D                                    A7

If ever you feel lonesome - And you're down in San Antone

G                   A7                                   G

Beg, steal or borrow - two nickels or a dime


Call me on the phone.

D                                           A7 

I'll meet you at Alamo mission - We can say our prayers

G                                                                       A7

And the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mother will heal us

Bm       F#m   G

As we kneel there

              C   G                 C  G 

In the moonlight - in the midnight

              C    G                        D 

in the moonlight midnight moonlight

              C    G                C   G

In the moonlight - in the midnight

              C   G                         D 

in the moonlight midnight moonlight.

If ever you feel sorrow - For the deeds you have done

With no hope for tomorrow - In the setting of the sun.

And the wind it is howling - Of the things that might've been

And your 'last good morning's sunrise -

Will be the brightest you've ever seen.

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